The best cities of the world

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, which once you feel the extent of its beauty, beauty and history as well, and the idea of ​​life of the city alone is a very beautiful story, I talk about the city of Venice, known as the Italian name (Venice), which was built and is still built on beautiful islands, Beautiful and beautiful. Venice is called the "queen of the sea" because it represents several islands of 117 islands, connected by very beautiful bridges between the rivers of Piavi and Bo, overlooking Venice on the Adriatic Sea, with a population of some 271,000 inhabitants . Venice is divided into six regions, as follows: - Santa Croce. San Marco. Canneraja. Sao Paulo . Castillo. The climate of Venice is mild in the summer, with the temperature at its worst (24 ° C), and in the winter, the lowest temperature (3 ° C). The experience of walking around the city is a very nice experience. You will stroll through classic boats called Gondola, embossed with some of the ornate decorations that reflect the history of this ancient city, as well as the beauty of its palaces, which still retain its splendor and splendor. Venice attracts about 19 million tourists every year, so it is always crowded with tourists, fleeing from the hustle and bustle of life, aiming for a unique and more comfortable life experience. There is no possibility of using cars and trucks. You may now realize the purity of their airspace, And free of exhaust cars. Venice has a very famous square, called St. Mark's Square. The city also has one of Italy's largest offices, the Marchena Library. The library contains about one million manuscripts of ancient books and manuscripts. Also on your visit to the Fontego Torchi Palace, on entering the second floor you will find it divided into three sections, namely: - A section for lovers of the world of dinosaurs. Section for those interested in stone creatures. A section that simulates the history of life in Venice. On the ground floor there is a very large fish park, which contains rare fish in Venice, to preserve their descendants from extinction. There is also an ancient university in Venice, called Cavo Skari University, where there are many academic disciplines, namely: - Commerce. Economy . Language Teaching. Foreign literature. Natural Sciences . Philosophy . Business Management . The first team to represent Venice was also founded in 1907. This team is called Valencia Calcio. The team also has a very large sports stadium called Felicia Stadium. The city of Venice is famous for the design of old tools, so as to attract tourists to it, where it still sticks to the sculpture of Murano glass, so many shapes are formed using this glass, and is still continuing to manufacture beautiful boats and boats because it is the only and important means in this beautiful city Tourism


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