The most beautiful islands of the world

Introduction The land contains many charming and attractive places that represent tourist attractions for all those wishing to visit such places. The desires of people vary in different places. Some may see deserts as attractive places, others may be admired in the mountains, There he likes to spend his vacation in the coastal or rural areas, but most importantly, each of these areas has a distinct advantage from other regions, each area is beautiful, including nature and landscape. One of the most popular destinations for people of all kinds is the islands, the islands are scattered around the world, the beauty is great, and the natural abundance is enormous. Here are some of the most beautiful islands in the world. The world's most beautiful island Big Island This Hawaiian island, with an area of ​​about 1,000 square kilometers, boasts the beauty of its beaches, as well as its volcanic lava tonight, one of the most beautiful places for families to visit and spend the most beautiful time. The island has many important tourist facilities, and one of the most famous features of this city is the diversity of climate, and it has sandy beaches multicolored. Coral Island Island This island is located in the state of Australia and is famous for the existence of many different coral reefs, which number about three thousand species, and it is characterized by the existence of a large number of wonderful marine creatures that are present in it, so the idea of ​​spending a period of time In this area will never be bad. This island is located in the French Polynesia, which is known as the French Overseas Group. The island is distinguished by its abundance of magnificent lakes, which give it a very beautiful splendor, making it a great place to spend a honeymoon. Bora Bora Island This island is also located in the French Polynesia, one of the most beautiful and best tropical islands ever, with coconut trees and black pearl-like places, which are rare jewels and an important tourist destination Because of its excellent tourist services to tourists and visitors, as the tourism services are considered the best in the world at all. Maldives The islands are one of the most peaceful and comfortable islands for all its visitors. It has many attractive and attractive tourist facilities, as well as the beauty of its waters. It also has an island surface of about two meters high, One of the best places to have a resort at all.


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