The most beautiful lake in the world

Lake The lake is one of the water bodies surrounded by land from all sides, and consists of a cavity in the surface of the ground is different depth filled with water, and this water move slowly or relatively, based on the slope of one side, and water either natural or industrial, Lakes, formative lakes, volcanic, ice, solubility, karstic, and coastal, and in this article we will show the most beautiful lakes around the world. The world's most beautiful lake Spotted Lake The 152-square-kilometer Spotted Lake, located in British Columbia, is one of the most unique and rare phenomena around the world. It contains many of the most diverse minerals, adding to its surface a striking and attractive beauty. Lake Bihui is located in the state of Chile, specifically in the national park Torres Gel Vienna. It is located between snowy slopes and mountains, as well as the picturesque nature, which includes many local wild animals, so it is one of the best reality of the global camping, and its location attracts many travelers And from around the world. Lake Hillier is located on the western side of Australia. The lake is characterized by its constant, steady pink water. The reason for its acquisition is unknown, but some scientists explain this color because it contains halophilic bacteria or sodium bicarbonate. About 600 meters, and its base consists of sand dunes interspersed with many plants, and oversees the lake on the Indian Ocean and separated by a few meters of sand. Lake Tall, the largest lake in the volcanic islands, is located on the island of Luzon of the Philippines, and has its water and attractive green color, and it contains large quantities of sulfur, because it is the headquarters for the dumping of volcanic flood, especially volcanic eruptions resulting from the eruption of the volcano Tall Near them. Mount Roubiho Mountain is located at the highest point of the volcanic mountain of Ruebheau. It is also one of the best places for a serious and famous ski sport. It is one of the best places to listen to the scenery, which helps the individual to relax, even though it contains many toxic substances. Lake Beetho is one of the most famous lakes, because it combines the magnificent views of the Rocky Mountains with its picturesque beauty. Its waters in the summer and spring are light blue and surrounded by a strip of green trees. In autumn and winter, Ice. Plitvic Lakes, located in Croatia, consists of sixteen lakes connected to each other in caves of waterfalls. These lakes have a color that varies from blue to turquoise and gray.


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