What is the world's largest lake?

In the name of God and prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah. After that, it is necessary to clarify some things, and to introduce some terms. Before we mention the largest lake in the world. First, the geographers divide between the sea and the lake. The sea is a water surface that may be connected to an ocean or it may be closed and surrounded by land from all sides. Its area is usually larger than the area of ​​the lake and its water is only salty. The lake is only closed and surrounded by land from all sides, and the area is usually smaller than the sea area, and the water may be fresh, and may be salty. There are sources that we have identified as a precise distinction between the sea and the lake. One of the sources is called the sea, and the other is the Caspian Sea. Some sources call it a sea and others call it a lake. There seem to be different and different considerations among those who divide between the sea and the lake. All agree that the water surface that is adjacent to the land and is saline, and is connected to one of the oceans, is called the sea, and all the confusion and confusion arises when looking and looking at the name of the water that is closed and surrounded by the land from all sides. The Caspian Sea is a closed sea and its water is salty like the Dead Sea, and the size of the Caspian Sea is much larger than the size of the Dead Sea. However, the first one is called Lake, and the latter is called the Lake. By sea. In any case, the issue remains conventional, but it is a fantastic idiom! Perhaps the most important consideration or officer to consider when distinguishing between the sea and the lake is the size and the area. The sea is called the large water bodies, and the lake is called on the small bodies of water, because the word "lake" in the language is a miniature word. Many Arab and foreign sources have pointed out that the largest lake in the world in terms of area is: Caspian Lake, or Caspian Sea, with an area of ​​approximately 371,000 km 2. It is located in western Asia and is surrounded by five countries: Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Azerbaijan. The sea is fed by many sources, the most important of which are: the Volga River, which comes from Russia, the white river that comes from Iran, and the Kura River, which comes from Azerbaijan.


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