Where is the largest suspended bridge in the world

Home / Landmarks / Archeology / Where is the largest suspended bridge in the world Where is the largest suspended bridge in the world By: Duha Ismail Last Updated: 14:15, 12 November 2015 Related Where is the largest clock tower in the world The largest church in the world The largest hanging bridge The world's largest and longest suspension bridge is the Akashi Kaiku Bridge, which is called Akashi Kaiku Ohashi in Japan. It has another name, the Pearl Bridge, and the Akashi Kaiku Bridge is the longest standing bridge in the world, with a length of 3,911 meters, or 12,831 meters ahead. The bridge crosses about twenty-three vehicles a day. The bridge was built over a period of ten years. It was built in 1988 and completed in 1998. The construction was planned to link the two cities of Kuba on Honshu Island with the city of Awaya on Awaji Island. The bridge was built on the Akashi Strait, One hundred meters wide and 1.5 kilometers wide. The wave speed is 14 km / h, and the wind speed is 290 km / h. Akashi Kaikou Bridge holds part of the Honshu-Shikoku Highway. History In the past, the Honshu and Awaji islands were the vessels, transporting workers, students and tourists from both sides of the Straits of Akashi, but this strait was stormy, leading to many accidents, most notably the collision of a boat carrying children from Awaji Island to Kuba In 1955, which led to the death of one hundred and sixty-eight people, including school children, and this incident was a reason to think of this bridge. The bridge design The Akashi Kaiku Bridge was designed to be able to carry its weight with an extra 9 percent load, with a 200-year-old construction costing $ 4.3 billion to be the world's largest and most expensive bridge, with more than 2 million workers, engineers and technicians, It used 1.4 billion cubic meters of cement and 181,000 tonnes of steel, which was created specifically for the construction of the bridge, which carries more pressure than ordinary steel, reducing the cost of building the bridge. The design of the suspension bridge is designed to be a thin bridge that allows the wind to pass through it. This is known as wind bracing. The roof of the bridge is made up of thousands of steel cables in the shape of a triangular grid. Surface This column balances the pressure from the top and bottom of the bridge surface, and also contains a grid of hardened steel at the center of the bridge along its sides, which allows the wind to pass through it.


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