Where are the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Hanging Gardens of Babylon Hanging Gardens of Babylon is one of the seven wonders of the world, which have been dealt with sayings on them as a myth, but the fact were not a myth but disappeared features due to weather factors that have occurred in the region, and said to be erased ruins due to the injury region strong earthquake led to the erased most beautiful oasis Green-like green hills but the creation of human hands located in the heart of the desert cavern. Where is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are said to have been hanging gardens of Babylon in Iraq near the city of Hilla in the construction area is said to have Babylon, and called her name relative to the king of Babylon at the time and was named Nebuchadnezzar II, the king ordered the construction of hanging gardens to satisfy the desire of his wife, the queen of Babylon was Called Amites from the town of Medonia, and her father was a senior commander of the armies that allied with the King of Babylon to repel the Assyrians and conquer them, and after the king married her Queen Amets remembered her town and hovered to its green hills and its fresh air, and ordered the king to build gardens hanging and brought slaves from the Levant and Inviting them to work day and night until they had finished the process of building hanging gardens, and make them resemble the rolling hills resemble hills of the town so that his wife and her domesticated find comfort and Onasseha. Description of the Gardens of Babylon The great secret lies in the classification of the outstanding gardens within the seven wonders of the world that the desert does not sprout roses, fruit trees and flowers was the building of the gardens is like a miracle in the center of the heart of the desert, how it was not like green hills blooming of different types of fragrances and the most beautiful oasis green her life, as a method of construction also share Vtm to be prepared in the form of terraces, a gradient in which a variety of gardens surrounded by statues that have been carefully carved and professionalism, and surrounded by channels connected to a mechanical lift in a way the way you need high accuracy and was the source Of the waters of the Euphrates River, in addition to this it was the water, pull up through a custom reels loaded with bucket function pull water and cast into dedicated irrigation channels, and said they were slaves to pull the buckets. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built on four acres divided into terraces and suspended on marble columns up to twenty-three meters high, interspersed with marble ladders and stately statues. The terraces decorated with magnificent marble porches, and there were ponds for the cultivation of ornamental flowers and flowers. burnt milk lined with pitch to resist the nature of the desert, and was briefed by a wall impervious gardens reached a height of nearly seven meters. There are several writings by some Romanians and Greeks about the description of the gardens, where they describe the romantic gardens because they have a clear impact in the heart of the viewer, and some writings still exist until now, and will remain for these gardens a hidden secret may reveal some of his hidden and may remain a secret gives these gardens More mystery and beauty.


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