Where is the largest palace in the world?

The historical monuments of kings and princes since ancient times in the construction of their homes and palaces luxury to become in the years of historical traces of an obstacle to the king of Kings of time, if we follow all these effects to find the most of the glamor and magnificence and civilization that existed at that time; all wanted to They immortalize themselves in palaces and dwellings that may not even know all of their caches just to boast, but nevertheless, these effects have been eroding for years, becoming a school for archaeologists interested in the study of the ages, including. In this article we will learn about one of the most important historical historical monuments whose king tried to enter history in its construction, which is the largest palace in the world. Where is this palace located? What are its advantages? The largest palace in the world According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest palace in the world is in Bucharest, Romania, the palace of the Romanian parliament, the largest palace in terms of its structure. It has the largest civilian building in administrative jobs, the largest administrative building, the heaviest buildings in the world; it has one million tons of marble, while the cost of more than two billion pounds sterling. This palace was designed in the Ceausescu regime to be the seat of the political and administrative authority in the country. This dictator, Nikolai Ceausescu, was the title of the palace in the People's House, being subordinate to the government and its policy. Ceausescu ordered the construction of the palace after visiting the palace of Korean President Kim Il Sung in 1975. He should have been said to have died before it was completed. The archeologist was later a symbol of democracy after the collapse of the Communist regime in the country. The palace contains one thousand and one hundred rooms, two complexes, one underground and the other on the 12th floor, with four underground levels available to the public and the public. Four other levels are still under construction and the total area of ​​the palace is up to Three hundred and forty thousand square feet. The architectural and architectural construction of the palace is influenced by the Roman civilization, and it combines many of the elements and decorations of modern Roman classical, has been used the best types of marble, and the lights and mirrors made of crystal, and the best types of bronze for the manufacture of doors and windows and chandeliers, Parquet, walnut, oak, cherry and maple were used, and there were rumors of subterranean floors where nuclear weapons were hidden.


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