Best Islands in the Philippines.

The Philippines is one of the countries of East Asia, a constitutional republic located in the southeast of Asia. It shares its borders with Taiwan, the Philippine Sea and the Pacific. Manila, the capital of the country, has a population of about 90 million people spread across the country's various cities, where the density of population varies from place to place in the country, and the different cultures, religions and cultures, consisting of three provinces, namely Mindanao and Luzon and Asasa, features a tropical climate that, and the Philippines, many of its islands, which we will talk about the best in the following lines of some clarification and explanation, as we will look to talk about tourism, which briefly. Tourism in the Philippines The Alpine is a tourist destination for many people everywhere, people from different countries come to enjoy its atmosphere, beauty and pleasant climate. The climate is warm and tropical, which led to a diversity of flora and fauna, which made it an additional attraction for tourists, Some of which are popular in other regions. Tourism in the Philippines is an important source of income, and it is a sector that employs many Filipino workers and provides services that make the stay of tourists comfortable, secure and reassuring. Islands visited by people in the Philippines. The best of the Philippines Islands The nature of the Philippines is generally charming, beautiful and beautiful, with forests, tropical trees, greenery, water, beaches, coral reefs, coral reefs and pearls, and despite the many Philippine islands and many of them, we will talk about the best of them: Mindanao a large area, an area Vtgarb percent and forty square kilometers, and is the official religion of the Islamic religion in, and includes a nature reserve between the shores of the birds, and humiliate the population of agriculture, coffee is the most famous crops. Boracay, also called as the Dreams Island, a tourist destination attracts many tourists from different regions of the world, a small island area, characterized by its beaches, water, and attractive nature. The island includes many tourist attractions such as nature reserves, as well as various tourist facilities such as restaurants, cafes, hotels and resorts, which are open to tourists throughout the year, with churches and nature as well. Palawan, and its importance and excellence in being a beautiful beach and charming and large area and inhabited by about 800 thousand people.


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