The highest peak in the world

The highest peak in the world is Mount Everest, with a height of 9 km, a height of 29028 feet and a peak of 8,888 meters in the Himalayas, one of Everest's mountains. , a series of mountains known as the Himalayas chain, and called Mount Everest for the world, which has a discovery (Sir George Everest) in 1856. Where is Mount Everest located? Mount Everest is located on the border of China and Nepal, between two regions, the Tibet region of China and the Sjarmata region of Nepal. The mountain is about 160 km northeast of Kathmandu, 260 km southwest of Thimphu, 600 km north of Kolkata and the Bay of Bengal, 450 km southwest of Lhasa . Mount Everest Climbing Mount Everest Everest is the dream that every mountain climber dreams of reaching its peak, because of the great risks and risks of climbers. This is a danger, which makes it dangerous for climbers to break records and enter the Genets global group. The first launched the first US mission in 1963 to climb Everest Mountains, and only two managed to reach the top of Everest, namely Thomas Hornbayn, and William Vansuld, and have managed to climb the mountain from the side Rbia, this is the hardest, and are the first to have achieved this milestone on May 22, 1963. Managed Dougal Haston and Doug stillness of climbing Mount Everest from the south side of the West, two of the first achieved access from this direction, and that was on May 10, 1980. Launched the first Japanese expedition to climb the mountains, two have managed to reach the north side are: Takashi Ozaki, and Tsuneo Shigehiro; two first achieved access from this trend. There are many people who have succeeded in climbing and breaking records to reach the summit of Everest for their country. There are many people who died when climbing Mount Everest. This is due to several main reasons. The most important of these are the following: When the climbers climb there, there is an area known as the death zone, which is 8000 meters high and is very dangerous and needs to be very careful when climbing. The occurrence of cerebral and pulmonary edema at high altitudes. The occurrence of some catastrophic factors in the mountain; the collapse of snow, and the risk of falling from the highlands. Low body temperature due to conditions surrounding the heat down, failure to apply safety conditions properly.


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