The most beautiful parts of the world

The wisdom of the Creator - the Almighty - is manifested in the fact that the earth is characterized by a beautiful enchanting beauty. This nature is miraculous from the Creator, in his creation of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, caves, heaven and all elements of nature. I will take you on a journey to two thriving regions of the globe where you feel as if you are visiting paradise. I have come out of the control of the gravitational system. I will first speak of the State of Switzerland. It is one of the most beautiful spots in the earth, inhabited by 7.4 million people, Its adopted is not one but many, namely: French, Italian, German, and Geneva are its official capital. The city of Geneva is a major center of international funds, due to the concentration of banks, the presence of many international and humanitarian organizations, and the title of the City of Peace. Switzerland is famous for many strategically and economically important cities such as Berne, Switzerland's fourth largest city after Geneva, In terms of its population, its currency is the Swiss franc. Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world. This is due to the fact that the banks have advantages that attract foreign customers from the rest of the European banks and are famous for the various industries, the most famous of which are: Swiss chocolate, cheese and large factories for manufacturing these goods. Nature, present and past, from monuments and historical sites. The country was characterized by the spread of high mountain ranges, rivers, forests and lakes. One of the most important areas, which can not be ignored globally, is the Kashmir region. There is no doubt that we have heard a great deal about the conflicts and clashes that have taken place there, but this has not been able to cover the wonderful beauty of the fascinating nature of this region, as it lies between India and Pakistan, Asia, a coastal region in the Himalayas. Kashmir is characterized by its simple, simple people, their love for tourists, and their hospitality to the guest. They are the people who take their religion and cling to it, and are supervised by the sleeping tourists, there is the lakes and the presence of complementary services such as children's games and green playgrounds. Resorts, and places of residence are characterized by comfort, beauty and strangeness, it is one of the most beautiful Bekaa on the world, regardless of the political situation hot, and unfortunately is so far to know who is affiliated with, is it affiliated to India or Pakistan? And each state is demanding, and is prepared to Kashmir right on the basis of historical documents of their own, knowing that Kashmir has appeared in many parties that demand independence from other surrounding countries. Kashmir was famous for the capital Srinagar, one of the destinations of destination, Kashmir has been governed by the rule of the Mongols, was able to Emperor of the Mongols to build the gardens of Shalimar famous, and after the advent of the British occupation, were fleeing the freedom of the Indian plain in summer to the air in the mountains of Kashmir, Imitating its manufacture in that period, and is now one of the best luxury pictures in Lake Dal.


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