What is inside the pyramids?

The pyramids of ancient Egypt are hierarchical structures. More than 130 pyramids were discovered in Egypt. The first pyramid was in 2640 BC. The largest of them is Khufu. The Egyptian pyramids are located almost entirely on the west bank of the Nile River in northern Egypt. The pyramids continued until the end of the Old Kingdom based on limestone, but thousands of years later, the Pharaohs rebuilt the pyramids during the Middle Kingdom era between 2055 and 1650 BC but they were not as old as the pyramids. The time could not hold up against a lot of factors seemed to us even to rubble and some of the rubble. The Pyramids are considered to be useful to them in the afterlife, where the Pharaohs built pyramids named after their names and after their death were the tombs of the pharaohs, their families and their material possessions such as jewelry. Where we can see inside the pyramids beautiful and strange scenes, as they contain the room, galleries, corridors, vestibules and catwalks, some of which lead us to the burial pit where there is a coffin of the king and his mummies. Emile, which was used in ancient times to dig inside the limestone, large and tools for stone crushing. Mummification is a means to preserve the body through the elimination of moisture, where the body is drying with certain substances known as the use of the so-called Ntron is a natural substance existed along the Nile, and the most used by the Pharaohs, which consists of salts such as sodium carbonate, bicarbonate sodium, sodium chloride, sodium sulfate, for they increase the acidity to prevent the presence of bacteria. The Pyramids of Egypt The Pyramid of Khufu The Great Pyramid built between 2575 and 2566 BC, was built over twenty years by hundreds of thousands of people, using limestone, which weighs about 2.5 tons per stone. The Pyramid of Khafra The pyramid of Khafra, the son of Khufu, is shorter than the pyramid of Khufu. It was built between 2558 and 2532 BC. He built the Sphinx of Khafra, which represents the image of Khafra himself. As time and time passed, the Sphinx was subjected to many sabotage attempts. Pyramid of the Pyramid of the Third Pyramid The pyramid of Menkera, the son of Khafra, built between 2503 and 2532 BC, consists of its lower layers of red granite.


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