Where do I spend my vacation?

Leave When the examination period is over, parents start looking for places to spend their vacation. The person needs to take a break from work and the continuous pressure of life to try to recharge the body so that he can continue to work actively. Continuous work without rest causes many problems to the person Which may limit its success in its work. Vacation time needs to be organized and arranged in order to have a fun time and without any intransigence, but be aware that vacation is not a time to do evil and sin on the pretext of self-recreation; God exists everywhere, and the person is accountable for his work at all times, Areas that benefit the vacation. Barcelona has its old and old history, with its 2,000-year-old streets and walls. You can enjoy the beautiful sea beaches or take a boat trip to enjoy the natural beauty of Catalonia, and you can take part in the old Catalan dances. Jordan is characterized by the climate of the Mediterranean Sea; in winter temperatures often reach one degree Celsius and rain and sometimes fall snow, so it is recommended to visit Aqaba and enjoy the warm atmosphere and beautiful beach, and visit the famous Wadi Rum and rose pink carved rock, while in the summer arrive Temperatures to an average of 30 degrees Celsius, so it is recommended to visit the highlands in the areas of Ajloun and Jerash, where the temperature is moderate. Anaheim California Anaheim has a lot of children's choices, such as the famous Disneyland City, where kids enjoy their favorite cartoon characters. Copenhagen In Denmark you can visit Copenhagen, famous for its 100-year history. It has the Arken Museum of Modern Art. Children can spend long hours in this museum without being bored by the variety of activities that stimulate creativity. The islands of the Philippines are a haven for relaxation and relaxation; The Arab Republic of Egypt contains many famous and famous tourist sites. It is possible to go on a trip to Cairo to enjoy the ancient monuments of the region, such as the churches and ancient mosques. It is also known that the pyramids in Giza are one of the greatest built by the Pharaohs. , But avoid sunny and warm days to enjoy exploring the pyramids, walking on the desert sands, riding horses and camels, and taking a tour of the Khufu or sunboat.


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