Where is the largest zoo in the world

The zoo is a place for animals, whether wild or wild, and the gardens attract people to see the animals they contain, and animal lovers go to enjoy the animals and get close to their own world. These gardens may be free, or may be based on taking fees from visitors, and the gardens differ from each other in terms of area, and the animals that contain and the number of, including small gardens in the area and the number of animals, including the large. When we ask about the largest zoo in the world, the answer will depend on the criteria used to describe a big word. In this article we will talk about the largest zoo in the world based on two criteria: the total area occupied by the park and the number of animals it contains, We can say that the world's largest zoo - based on the two previous criteria - is the Henry Dorelli Zoo, and this park will be the focus of our conversation in this article. Henry Dorley Park Henry Dorley Park is located in Omaha, Nebraska, on 131 acres (53 hectares) of land. The park was reorganized in the 1960s by the Zoological Society of Omaha, and at the time had only 120 animals. Today, the park has about 17,000 animals, representing more than 962 species. All kinds of American animals such as: North American cats, night animals, plus they include thousands of animals from all over the world. In addition to its animals, the park has 546,000 square meters of gardens, a fish aquarium, the I max theater and a wildlife safari. The park also has several outstanding exhibits, the world's largest desert environment, and the largest Indoor rainforests in the country. Henry Dorelli's zoo seeks to conserve animals from extinction and is a leader in animal conservation and conservation, as evidenced by the large number of animals it contains. The advantages of the garden are distinguished in their scientific research. Accredited by the Society of Zoos and Aquariums. Member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The turnout is very high; in the last 40 years it has received about 25 million visitors.


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