Where to go in Los Angeles

Home / Destinations / Where to go in Los Angeles Where to go in Los Angeles By: Kefaya al-Abbadi - Last updated: 07:13, 8 October 2015 Related Los Angeles tourism Los Angeles report Los Angeles has a lot of cities in the United States The most famous of these cities is Los Angeles, which is an important tourist destination when visiting California. Los Angeles is the administrative center of this state. The city of Los Angeles is called the City of Angels and the city of never-ending lights is a sign of the vibrant pulse of this city. The city is located on the Pacific coast of Southern California, surrounded by the city of San Francisco, and San Diego. The mystery of this vibrant city and the most important places in Los Angeles. The most important places and landmarks in Los Angeles Hollywood Hollywood This place is rich in definition; it is the largest film city, and this site has different shooting sites, it is a very charming place that includes many stars and celebrities cinema, so it is very suitable for taking many pictures, Speaking of Hollywood you must visit the Chinese theater and enjoy the Venice Beach and traffic on Santa Monica Street. Watts Tower is a must-see for tourists in this city. The street is decorated with glamorous architecture and is decorated with glass, ceramics and tiles. This street is just east of 107th Street. The Griffith Park is one of Los Angeles' There are many games, a zoo and stables for horseback riding. Walking and cycling can be practiced, and the Greek theater can be visited. The park is very large and varied for all tourist activities. The Grand Farmers Market, the largest market for agricultural products, is a popular market where fruits and vegetables are offered and sold at low prices, and there are many stalls and restaurants that sell meals at reasonable prices as well. * Saint Monica Pier Santa Monica pier. This area is the focal point of Los Angeles, and is known as the City of Entertainment; it includes the Jolie Jetty Museum, the Museum of Art and Disneyland, the large skyscrapers as well as the solar powered Ferris wheel, and the Beverly Hills area. Venice beach. A tourist can enjoy the sound of music through musicians traveling all over the beach, playing music and singing rap. * Railway angels flights. Of the shortest railway in Los Angeles and was built in 1909 during the days of the Spanish occupation, is characterized by the railway short trips to travel between the streets of the hill and the streets of Oliv at a very low price.


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